SWS Concepts

This is an important article to discuss the key concepts and objects using in SWS.

SWS has two PeopleSoft web services that have different audiences.

  • SWS Get Services - You will use this method 95% of the time.
  • (Advanced) - PsoftQL Web Services


* New Web Service
** SWS Configuration
*** URL path
*** Parameters
*** Syntax Type
**** SQL
***** Configure SQL
***** Configure Outputs 
**** PsoftQL Request Syntax
***** Configure Request
*** Security
*** Unit Test
** (Advanced) PsoftQL Web Service\n\nTrusted API Users and Admins
*** Client submitted PsoftQL requests


SWS Get Services

The easiest and most secure way to expose your PeopleSoft data is by using SWS configured web services. This method gives the PeopleSoft admin control over what data is exposed to third parties and is a more secure model for most use cases. You can read about how to set up a new web service in the SWS Configuration Section.

  • A PeopleSoft power users configures a new SWS configuration with either SQL or PsoftQL Syntax.
    • Define parameters and filters
    • Grant security
    • Give URL to integration partner.

The integration partner ends up using a REST GET Service Operation called CHG_SWS. This web service checks security, resolves parameters, executes the SQL, encodes the data and returns it to the user.

  • SWS Get Services - Standard HTTP Clients - Service Operation: CHG_SWS
    • Most of the web services you configuration with SWS will be setup to be used by a non-trusted users.
    • This is the default way to configure SWS services.
    • You can start read about how to set up a new web service in the SWS Configuration Section

(Advanced) PsoftQL Web Services

  • PsoftQL Web Services - Service Operation: CHG_SWS_PSOFTQL
    • This web service allows a highly trusted integration platform to request data in PsoftQL Syntax
    • This is for internal integration tools like Mulesoft, Snaplogic, Boomi.
    • When developing and prototyping new SWS configurations, your PeopleSoft admins may use this method to execute PsoftQL against PeopleSoft before configuring it in the must secure and locked down SWS Get Service.