Simple Web Services for PeopleSoft


Simple Web Service (SWS) is a PeopleSoft bolt-on that makes web services painless. You can go from an idea to a production web service in a few minutes.

SWS makes PeopleSoft Web Services easy!

Complex data extraction can be accomplished with configuration NOT code! You can go from an idea to a production web service in a few minutes.

SWS handles all your data needs

Easily create web services that expose PeopleSoft data in minutes to extract crucial metrics for executive dashboards, data warehouses, student success monitoring, and Salesforce. No coding is required!

Save Thousands of Dollars

SWS will save your organization hundreds of hours of developer time extracting PeopleSoft data in a modern way using web services.

Simplifying PeopleSoft Data Extraction & Integration

SWS is the solution to repetitive and unsustainable PeopleSoft web services.

PeopleSoft Simple Web Services (SWS) drastically simplifies and accelerates data extraction and integration in PeopleSoft. With SWS, you can create web services that expose PeopleSoft data in minutes to extract crucial metrics for executive dashboards and student success monitoring. No coding is required!

  • One purchase
  • One install
  • Infinite web services

SWS offers a straightforward, configuration-based solution for creating web services that extract information from PeopleSoft. This versatile tool can support various use cases, including Salesforce integration, Student Success Dashboard integrations, partner and SSO integrations, as well as SSO provisioning.

By installing just one piece of standard PeopleSoft code, SWS can serve 95% of your PeopleSoft GET data requirements. SWS simplifies the process of extracting diverse data from PeopleSoft using metadata. SWS understands how PeopleSoft is structured and handles the majority of the technical tedium. This eliminates the need to create individual web services for each integration project, making it an ideal choice for any scenario requiring access to PeopleSoft data.

SWS will save your organization hundreds of hours of developer time extracting PeopleSoft data in a modern way using web services.

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Title: SWS Model - Single Web Service - All PeopleSoft Data

rectangle "LMS Integration Partner" as client #A6D0DD
rectangle "Student Success\nIntegration Partner" as client2 #A6D0DD
rectangle "Payment\nIntegration Partner" as client3 #A6D0DD

Package "PeopleSoft" {
  rectangle "SWS" as sws #FF6969
  rectangle "PeopleSoft Data\n\n* Transactional Data\n* Setup Data\n* Log Data\n* Custom Tables\n* Views\n* Anything" as recs #FFD3B0 
  collections "PeopleSoft Object \nmeta-data" as meta #FFD3B0

  sws <..> meta


client <--d-> sws: HTTP GET
client2 <--d-> sws: HTTP GET
client3 <--d-> sws: HTTP GET
sws <-d-> recs

PeopleSoft Web Services Are Hard

  • Have you been struggling with PeopleSoft web services?
  • Do PeopleSoft web services take too long to create?
  • Is it hard to find technical staff that can create them?
  • Are you struggling with deciding on SOAP, REST, Documents, Messages, PeopleCode, Routings, Handlers?

The traditional method of developing web services in the PeopleSoft Integration Broker can take weeks to months to develop a relatively simple web service because:

  • You need a developer to get involved has experience working with web services and understands the design constraints.
  • There are the complexities of setup, code, migration, and security.
  • Making iterative changes is time-consuming and expensive.
  • There are numerous undocumented bugs, limitations and outdated functionality to avoid.
  • The Integration Broker documentation is not great.
  • You can see a realistic development estimate in the Alternatives section.

Don’t worry Cedar Hills Group, Inc. has the solution for all these problems.

  • SWS liberates you from that complexity and allows your organization to “free” the PeopleSoft data quickly.
  • You provide the SQL and the SWS module handles all the other complexity.

SWS Features

  • Install Once, extract anything
    • You install one PeopleSoft Application Designer bolt-on project and this enables you to serve infinite integration scenarios. The web services are created with simple configuration and PeopleSoft developers often do NOT need to get involved. Prototype, iterate, and deploy rapidly.
  • Built for PeopleSoft with an understanding of PeopleSoft metadata.
    • Automatic Effective Date Support
    • Automatic Effective Status Support
    • Automatic Effective Sequence Support
    • Automatic XLAT and prompt table descriptions
    • Automatic SQL Joins on PeopleSoft field names and keys
  • Support for many data encoding types
    • JSON Support
    • XML Support
    • CSV Support
  • Extract any PeopleSoft data
    • Parent-child nested data
    • Paginated data
    • Complex SQL
  • Works in any PeopleSoft Pillar
    • Campus Solutions
    • Human Resources / HCM
    • Finance

Use Cases

SWS facilitates fast iteration for all your PeopleSoft integrations

  • Salesforce Integration
    • SWS can efficiently extract information from PeopleSoft systems to facilitate seamless Salesforce integrations for universities. This process accelerates the implementation of Salesforce, ensuring a well-structured and easily understandable integration experience.
  • Student Success Dashboards
    • Are you developing a student success dashboard at your university and require crucial metrics from PeopleSoft? SWS can streamline and accelerate this process for you.
  • Technical System Monitoring
    • Organizations use system monitoring applications to extract crucial information from PeopleSoft regarding process failures, integration broker errors, and general workflow issues. This data can be displayed in an alerting dashboard. SWS allows for quick and efficient integrations with no coding required.
  • Charting and Dashboards
    • Does your organization utilize executive dashboards for summarizing student success, financials, or HR data? SWS can streamline these integrations, securely extracting information from PeopleSoft.
  • Mobile Applications and Self-Service Applications
    • Are you looking to update your employee and student self-service experience with modern web applications that require PeopleSoft data? SWS can efficiently assist in integrating these applications for a seamless user experience.
  • LMS Integration
    • Integrating LMS systems, such as Blackboard and Brightspace, with PeopleSoft Campus Solutions can be simplified using SWS.
  • IPass (Mulesoft, Snaplogic and Apigee) integrations Connectors
    • SWS serves as an effective PeopleSoft connector, enabling seamless data integration and extraction from the platform.
  • Data Warehouse Connectors
    • To efficiently gather PeopleSoft data for your warehouse, SWS offers built-in pagination and automatic metadata extraction. This allows for seamless handling of large data volumes.

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Documentation is available in the released package and from here: Documentation

Discussions and Issue Tracking

  • Once you have licensed SWS, your team will be granted access to a private Github Repository where you can have a discussion.