SWS Configuration

Documentation on how to configure SWS

The easiest and most secure way to expose your PeopleSoft data is by using SWS configured web services. This method gives the PeopleSoft admin control over what data is exposed to third parties and is a more secure model for most use cases.

  • A PeopleSoft power user:
    • Configures a new SWS configuration with either SQL or PsoftQL Syntax.
    • Defines parameters and filters
    • Grants security
    • Gives URL and Basic Auth Code to the integration partner

The integration partner ends up using a REST GET Service Operation called CHG_SWS. This web service checks security, resolves parameters, executes the SQL, encodes the data and returns it to the user.

Read more in the sections below.

Configuration 🌟

How to Configure new SWS web services in the UI.

SWS Security Setup

How to setup users and security.

SWS Caching

Advanced Topic - Caching Responses - Read Carefully!