Patching SWS

In this article, we will discuss how SWS patching and bug fixes work.

Patches for SWS include all previously delivered objects, even if they have not changed. This ensures that you are brought completely up to date, even if your organization missed a patch. We do NOT deliver “delta projects” by design.

Cedar Hills Group, Inc. completes development in our own sandboxes. We rely heavily on shared libraries that are used across different projects and clients that have their own code releases. The only way to be 100% confident that we deliver high-quality software patches is to deliver a full file with all the objects. This is similar in spirit to how Oracle delivers PeopleSoft patches by delivering a “demo” database that is the source of truth for a particular software PUM. If you need a “delta”/change-only application designer project, we have a procedure below on how to generate that.

The most straightforward way to mark patches is by the date in YYYY-MM-DD format. This represents the date the code was packaged from our development environment. The patch is in the Project comments of the Application Designer project CHG_SWS_V2.

You will be able to download the releases from the private GitHub repository. There will be a zip file resembling the release date like YYYY-MM-DD. You should always get the most recent version available from that list unless you have been directed otherwise by Cedar Hills Group, Inc.

Generate Delta Project

If your change control team needs a “change only” file for production migration of patches, that can easily be generated during the patching installation process. The procedure is below and must be done prior to installing the patch.

  • Place the application designer project on a drive where the PeopleTools Application Designer can access it.
  • In Application Designer:
    • Tools → Compare and Report → From File
      • If asked about replacing the existing project, choose to replace
    • Let the compare run
    • This will create a project in the source system where the upgrade flags and compare flags on the project will be set to the delta values between what we deliver and what you have in your target database.
    • File → Save Project As: New Delta Project Name per your institutional standards.
    • The project “upgrade” flags will be set with items that have changed. You can delete the objects from the project that have not changed.

If you realize that you need a delta project after already installing the patch in your source database, you can perform a comparison from DEV to TEST or TEST to PROD to determine what objects have changed and delete any unchanged objects from the project.

Patch Installation Instructions

  • Download the latest YYYY-MM-DD code archive ZIP file from the New Installation section above.
  • Please unzip the file to a location that the Application Designer will be able to access.
  • There are two projects included in the attached zip. For patching, you will only import one of these projects.
  • In your DEV instances, import Project: CHG_SWS_V2
  • If there are special instructions for a patch, they will be listed in the subsection below.