PeopleSoft Query Language (PsoftQL)

This documents the detailed PsoftQL - PeopleSoft Query Language

PsoftQL (PeopleSoft Query Language) is a request structure that is used by SWS to “ask” for data. This is similar in spirit to GraphQL but it has a syntax that is targeted specifically for asking for PeopleSoft data in a minimal format.

PsoftQL Syntax 🌟

Detailed PsoftQL syntax documentation. PsoftQL serves as the “language” of SWS

Campus Solutions PsoftQL - Examples

PsoftQL Examples for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (CS)

PeopleTools PsoftQL - Examples

PsoftQL Examples for PeopleSoft PeopleTools Tables

Service Operation CHG_SWS_PSOFTQL

Documentation on the CHG_SWS_PSOFTQL web service. This is a more advanced web service that will will give to very limited and trusted integration partners or when prototyping new web services.