PeopleSoft Query Language (PsoftQL)

This documents the detailed PsoftQL - PeopleSoft Query Language

PosftQL (PeopleSoft Query Language) is a request structure that is used by SWS to “ask” for data. This is similar in spirit to GraphQL but it has syntax that is targeted specifically for asking for PeopleSoft data in a minimal format. .

PsoftQL Syntax

Detailed PsoftQL syntax documentation. PsoftQL serves as the “language” of SWS

Campus Solutions PsoftQL - Examples

PsoftQL Examples for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (CS)

PeopleTools PosftQL - Examples

PosftQL Examples for PeopleSoft PeopleTools Tables

Service Operation CHG_SWS_PSOFTQL

Documentation on the CHG_SWS_PSOFTQL web service. This is a more advanced web service that will will give to very limited and trusted integration partners or when prototyping new web services.