Why was SWS Created?

Some backstory on why and how SWS was created.

Innovation is often born out of frustration with the status quo. This was certainly the case for Chris Malek, who had been working on numerous integration projects that required the same web services to be re-implemented time and time again. Each one with some similar features and others with unique features. The process of deploying these services became increasingly difficult for even minor changes, particularly when pulling data from PeopleSoft, with the same tables being used repeatedly.

After deploying bespoke web services that were not generic enough, it became clear that a new more scalable solution was needed. This is where SWS comes in.

SWS was created to address the challenges of repetitive and unsustainable web services. It takes advantage of Chris Malek’s expertise with PeopleTools and web services, leveraging PeopleSoft metadata to create a single bolt-on web service that can handle up to 95 percent of use cases for extracting data from PeopleSoft.

Rather than re-implementing the same web services over and over again, SWS offers a one-stop-shop solution that can handle everything from small tables to large tables to nested data.

This innovative solution has been a game-changer for those in need of web services that are both efficient and sustainable. It has eliminated the need for constant re-implementation and made the deployment process much more streamlined. Development time of data extraction went from weeks to minutes!

Cedar Hills Group, Inc. has several clients and system integrators using SWS in various releases. This public release is the culmination of all 20 years of PeopleSoft integration experience and packaged in the best-of-breed solution.