PeopleTools PsoftQL - Examples

PsoftQL Examples for PeopleSoft PeopleTools Tables

In this section we will show detailed PsoftQL examples of how to extract PeopleTools information using SWS PsoftQL Syntax.

Users and Their Roles

This example shows how to pull PSOPRDEFN and PSROLEUSER information and join them together to get a list of users and their roles. We also exclude some fields that are not needed. Additionally, we include the descriptions for the LANGUAGE_CD and CURRENCY_CD fields.

    "isDebugMode": false,
    "includeFieldTypes": false,
    "includeAllDescriptions": false,
    "includeKeyFieldIndicators": false,
    "includeAllFieldLabels": false,
    "rowLimit": 10,
    "pageNumber": 1,
    "records": [
        "recordName": "PSOPRDEFN",
        "includeDescriptionsFor": ["LANGUAGE_CD", "CURRENCY_CD"],
        "criteriaFields": [

        "recordName": "PSROLEUSER",
        "parentRecordName": "PSOPRDEFN",
        "doNotAutoJoinToParent": true,
        "joinFields": [
            {"parentField": "OPRID", "childField": "ROLEUSER"}
        "excludeFields": ["ROLEUSER"]